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Apache/1.3.22 Server error

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  • Apache/1.3.22 Server error

    I have a member getting the following error message when trying to access bmy forums:

    You don't have permission to access/forums/private.php on this server
    > Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80
    I do not have either the member or the IP address banned or restricted anywhwere, including .htaccess, or my server firewall.

    Anys suggestions would be appericated.

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    That's a message indicating he's trying to access private messages. Check his user group and permissions. If you don't see anything wrong, then get his password and try to duplicate the problem by logging in as him.
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      This doesn't appear to be a vBulletin issue. That is a server error message. Make sure that you didn't modify any .htaccess files and that the file in question is world readable and executable.
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