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  • No repair script

    Running vBulletin 2.2.8 and believe I have some corrupted tables. After reading through existing posts I was informed I could run repair.php.

    I dont seem to have this. Where can I download repair.php from, and will it work with vBulletin 2.2.8...?

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    repair.php is in the /extras folder in the .zip you downloaded from the members' area


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      I dont seem to have the original download (oops). If I download the latest version (2.3.0) and use the repair.php that comes with it, will it be OK?

      Else, any ideas..!


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        I've compared the repair.php files that came with my vB2.2.8 & vB2.3.0 downloads and there is no difference.
        So yes, you can download the latest version from the members' area and use the repair.php from that.


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          OK, got it and ran it twice. Then again...

          I get the following message on most tables:
          This table does not support check/repair/optimize
          Any ideas...!!!


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            Most tables?

            I would expect this result from the session table as it does not support repair.
            What other tables gave this result?


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              All tables that are to do with vBulletin give this message. The are some that dont, but these are nothing to do with vBulletin at all...!!!


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                I'm not sure why you would be getting this result for all vB tables.
                Better get someone more clued-up on the inner workings of repair.php to look at this.

                Anyone else?


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                  Kristain, what version of MySQL is running on your server? It looks like you are running ISAM tables instead of MyISAM. Fill out a support ticket at:


                  Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP and phpMyAdmin.
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                    Can I not simply change the table type from ISAm to MyISAM through MyAdimPHP. Would this allow me to then use the repair script on these tables...???


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                      Oh yeah, OK... That did the trick, all sorted now