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RANT: Visiting Admin Panel f's up forum cookie

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  • RANT: Visiting Admin Panel f's up forum cookie

    So I get up this morning and go into the Admin CP to look at a few things. I get distracted and visit the forum 30 min later.

    Even tho I visited the board 24 hours ago, it says "1 new post" when it should have about 50.

    vB needs a solution for this SO BAD. Either give us a place to type the last visit time, instructions to edit our own cookie, or don't assume ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY something like "visiting admin cp is the same as visiting forum home".

    I have stopped browsing certain boards because of this. There are 12 pages of threads that have been updated since I visited 3 days ago. I have to RUSH thru the View New Posts before the whole thing gets reset. And if I get distracted or the phone rings, then I am screwed.

    vBulletin is so great, but if the cookie system is going to be so bad, they need to put a manual entry somewhere for last visit time.

    I'm sure you've noticed that if you change the bblastvisit timestamp in your Cookie file, it accomplishes nothing; you just get the classic Unregistered screen.

    {EDIT: Instead of whining endlessly about this here, I started digging around to see what was involved in providing a method to "roll back the clock" so to speak. And I found that it was not painfully hard to add. I will put a timestamp generator into this very soon.

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    I agree with that