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  • Annoying email notifications

    It seems after I've set all members to NO to receive email notifications (by way of a update statement to the user table)

    Update user set emailnotification = 0;

    That members are still receiving notifications on New topics and replies. How is this possible, or is there another field that needs set for each forum. The main issue is a lot of my mods are receiving emails on new Replies even if they have the email notification set to No in their profile.

    What's going on? Is this a bug or am I missing something

    By the way I'm running v2.3.0


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    This only sets this field to 'No' for future email notice subscriptions. It does not work retroactively. For this you need to empty the subscribethread table. To do this, first backup your database, then run this query in phpMyAdmin:

    DELETE FROM subscribethread;
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