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could a huge thread (~ 8000 replys) cause server problems ?

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  • could a huge thread (~ 8000 replys) cause server problems ?

    Hi all,

    I'm really confused about problems concerning my server. I run two vBBs on it, on with a database of about 120 mb, the second just with ~10 mb. Since about 2 weeks we have the following problem:
    If you click the submit button to post a reply / new post / private message or whatever it takes really a long time (about 1 minute) till the post is added. Sometimes you even get a error 404 page. We haven't changed anything at the server settings or anything else during this time, and it worked perfectly some weeks ago.
    To demonstrate, that the problem is obviously NOT based on the server performance check this stats:

    1:12pm up 18:10, 1 user, load average: 0.07, 0.11, 0.09
    112 processes: 105 sleeping, 2 running, 5 zombie, 0 stopped
    CPU states: 7.9% user, 2.3% system, 0.0% nice, 89.6% idle
    Mem: 1021648K av, 540712K used, 480936K free, 0K shr
    Swap: 530136K av, 0K used, 530136K free

    I rebootet the server several times, checked the databases with phpMyAdmin etc.. nothing.. still the problems. Well, in one of the boards is a thread with about 8000 replys, could that be the reason for the problem ? If not, any other suggestion ?

    kind regards

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    Is attachment duplicate checking on? Try turning that off.


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      attachment file size is limited to 1byte.. therefore no user uploaded any attachment


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        hmm 1 byte?
        that would mean it's activated, also.

        deactivate it from your acp when you don't use it
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          obviously I'm a lil blind, haven't found it yet.. looking for that option till months

          btw: attachment duplicate checking was deactivated

          Any other suggestion ?


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            ACP -> User Groups -> Modify -> {a group} -> [edit] -> Posting Permissions:

            Can post attachments = NO

            Do this for all user groups you do not want to post attachments.


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              oh yeah, i allways made it this way.. i thought that their would be another possibility to deactivate it generally..

              well.. back to topic.. any suggestions ?


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                Turn off email notifications.
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                  Turn off dot icons


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                    dot icons ? what's that ?

                    mmh.. as mentioned, it's definetly not a problem of the server performance.. I assume something within the database.. could this 8000 reply thing be a reason for the problems ?


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                      The dot icons indicate a thread in which you have posted.

                      ACP -> vBulletin Options -> [Forum Display Options] -> Use 'dot' icons? = NO

                      Enabling this lets users see what threads they have posted in but adds more queries.

                      The same thing applies with "Use 'hot' icons"


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                        I'm curious about huge threads' effects on the database too. I know UBB couldn't handle them and long threads would crash, but does a long thread affect performance any more than the same amount of posts dispersed in different threads?


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                          hmm, from my experinece with some threads over 5k posts it doesn't affect the DB more than the same ammount of posts in different threads.
                          just this single thread is affected if there are too much posts in.
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                          - Thomas Jefferson


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                            The problems is most likely due to the large number of email notifications being sent out with a large thread.
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