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Access Masks are apparently unnecessary to keep certain forums private???

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  • Access Masks are apparently unnecessary to keep certain forums private???

    I'm confused.

    I've never had Access Masks enabled... it's disabled.

    I also have two forums that are private. I've learned that I need to click 'Yes' on "Private Forum" in the Forum|Edit options, else it is visible to all. But a note there says that Access Masks must be enabled; but mine aren't.

    Then, in Forum|Permissions, I've set custom access to the Registered user group with the entire set of options set to 'No' in custom permissions for that forum.

    Then, I have a new RegisteredPlus user group with base group options same to Registered, except under the custom Forum|Permissions for that private forum, I have them set to 'Yes' on view, post, etc.

    Therefore, the private forums are invisible to all except members of the 'RegisteredPlus' group (even though Access Masks are disabled) and Admin group who also has custom forum permissions in that forum.

    So, this seems to work without Access Masks on. What am I missing here? Or does enabling Access Masks simply provide some alternative to using forum permissions?


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    access masks allow a per user permission.

    So you can still let say UserX from the registered usergroup to see ths private forum without having to move their usergroup.
    Scott MacVicar

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      aaahhhh... I see. Thanks!

      So, instead of creating a special group and going through setting up forum permissions for each forum, I can simply click on a user and add permission to a particular hidden forum?

      Once I enable access masks and for that user click 'yes' on the edit access mask for that user, does the private forum still remain private and closed to all registered members (because it's listed as 'private' in its properties) despite the face that for the registered user group i will have custom permissions set to 'able to view', etc.,? In other words, even if a forum's permissions are set to allow registered users to view that forum, those users still cannot because that forum was set to 'private' (unless special access masks were changed to 'yes')?

      heeeeee :-)

      Also, what is the performance difference, server load, etc., concerns or pros/cons between doing the way I've been doing versus turning on access masks?

      Again, THANKS for answering!!


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        :bump: ;-)


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          correct, access mask permission will overwrite the usergroup permission.

          So if a particular user is causing a problem in forumX you just set his permission for that forum to No and he wont be able to acces it.

          It requires an extra query to calculate access masks but that would be hardly noticable unless you have a couple of thousand users on at a time.

          This has been optimized even more in vB3 where the query is only ran if the options in the user table indicates they have an access mask.
          Scott MacVicar

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            Thank you!


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