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Would this be a license violation?

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  • Would this be a license violation?

    I currently have an owned vb license, with my forums at but I'm searching, possibly, for a new hosting solution. I own shared server space with another host, but would like to test vbulletin/mysql at this new host.

    What I'd like to do is install my copy of vbulletin on that server, but I won't be making it publicly available. It will simply be a sort of test area for me to use to see if it would be feasible to move my forums to this host. Is this a violation of my license agreement? If so, are there any suggestions for me that will allow me to do this sort of testing?

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    as long as the forum is not publically available it is fine and if you protect the directory with a .htaccess file even better.
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      great, thanks very much.


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        I would also like to do this my main forum is at and would like to put a test forum at and can password protect it too. I would just like to create a test forum so I can design a style without messing up my main forum.

        Is this the same and allowed?
        David :)


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          Technically you should put this is a directory named 'testvb' not 'forum'.
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            Thank you, I will do that!
            David :)