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Selecting a forum to prune

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  • Selecting a forum to prune


    I am currently using 2.2.9. When I go into the admin control panel and click on Mass Prune under Threads and Posts, I am presented with the following:

    Delete threads with last post older than x days: 0 to whatever

    Include sub forums : y/n

    I would like to be able to select one forum to prune rather than the default of all forums.

    I went into vbulletin's admin control demo which uses 2.2.7 and noticed that it has the following additional line in the above:

    Forum: (dropdown list of all forums).

    That is exactly what I am looking for but it's not in 2.2.9.

    Is that a bug in my setup of 2.2.9 and is there a way to cure the problem.


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    The forum dropdown box is in my copy of 2.2.9. Have you installed any hacks?
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      I have found a workaround solution. If I login as a moderator as opposed to an administrator and I have given that moderator the correct permissions, then the moderator can prune a selected forum. That will do it for me. Not sure what is causing it though!