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I keep getting "page cannot be displayed" when trying to access the CP.

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  • I keep getting "page cannot be displayed" when trying to access the CP.

    Recently I've been having a strange problem. After I type in my password and try to access the admin CP I just get a "page cannot be displayed" error. At first I thought that maybe its just a browser setting but Its doing the same thing on my work computer.

    I can usually get into the CP if I close my browser, then reopen it and imediately go back and try again. But even then I still get the error when I do things like editing a template. I click edit, then it takes me back to the main template page where it says "done", but as soon as that page starts to load it forwards me to another "page cannot be displayed" error. Any idea whats causing this? It only does it in the CP. All other forum pages work fine.

    I'm using vB 2.2.8 and my browser is IE 6.0 BTW. I also haven't made any recent changes to the ACP settings or added any hacks so I have no idea whats causing it.

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    Generally this is an indication of a server or DNS issue. I'd report this to your host.
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      Ok, thanks.. I'll give them a call tomorrow.