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How Do I use 'Save Data File to Server'

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  • How Do I use 'Save Data File to Server'

    Hello again,
    In my forums, I have a folder called test located in the same directory as the other forum folders such as admin, mods, images, etc. Now, I CHMODDED the test folder. In the area in the Admin Control Panel where I specify the folder to backup the database to, what would I write?


    or just:


    Thanks again for the great help all of you have provided =)


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    Hello again,
    I entered the absolute URL, and after about 10 minutes of waiting on the backup, this is part of the message I received:

    fopen("", "w" ) - Success in /home/virtual/site37/fst/var/www/html/admin/backup.php on line 264
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS access; CREATE TABLE access ( userid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, forumid smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL, accessmask smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL, KEY userid (userid,forumid) ); INSERT INTO access VALUES('120', '7', '0'); INSERT INTO access VALUES('120', '6', '0');

    What exactly does this mean? I really need to backup my database into a different server, and I am getting worried.

    EDIT: Also, for the past 5 mins, all I am seeing on the backup page (the same page as the one with the error I mentioend above) is a collection of strange ASCII symbols. Over 90% of my system resources are being used to display page after page of arcane symbols. Should I simply close the browser or keep it running until the page eventually stops downloading?

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      Little advice, don't put the test directory in a public area, like the admin/test beyond the html/ directory. This is a security risk.

      Put it in var/www/test/file.sql
      chmod it 777

      then you can write to it.

      If you get those errors, run repair.php to check & optimize & repair broken tables.


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        thanks - I will try it


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          I just uploaded the file to my new server, and I have also e-mailed my host about it. What would the be command for importing the .sql file using phpMyAdmin (I know it isn't efficient, but I'm just curious to give it a shot) hehe.



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