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  • Username is already in use? What the...

    My vB forum is fairly new and a friend of mine tried to use a username that doesn't exist on the memberlist, yet she gets the message "Username is already in use. If you are XXXX and you have forgotten your password, click here."

    How can this be when the username was never created in the first place? Is this a bug or did I miss something here? Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hiho =)

    The memberlist doesn't show the usergroups Not registered, Waiting for eMail confirmation and (COPPA) Users Awaiting Moderation. (Unsure about the exact names 'cause I have them in German but it should be something like that)
    So you should check in your Admin CP if this user account exists.


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      Does it happen whatever username she chooses? If so, she ought to clear out her cookies and try again (you get this problem on many messageboards where something has set a cookie that overwrites the username that you type in)


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        This problem may also be due to the user and userfield tables no longer matching. There should be one entry for each user in both tables. You can verify this by using phpMyAdmin to access and view your database. If they don't match then you can use the script posted here to fix the problem:
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          Darkshines: It happens whenever she tries to use the word "jada" in her username. For some unknown reason, it gives her the message saying the username is already taken. To see for myself, I deleted all my cookies, and went to try to create the username she wants and it gives me the same message. Any idea why?

          Steve: I've never used phpMyAdmin before, but when I went to phpMyAdmin and clicked on "userfield", and the only thing I can see that matches is this:

          Row Statistic : StatementsValueFormatfixed Rows53 Row length ø1,005 Row size ø1,044 Bytes

          Any suggestions? If you want me to run the script, how exactly do I run it, exactly? Thanks in advance.


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            Go to your Admin CP, to "vBulletin Options", then to "Registration Options". Have you disallowed the username "jada", or anything like "jad", or "ada" or anything?


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              Yes!! That worked. I didn't want anyone using my site's abbreviation like "ad", so that must've been it. My bad!!

              Thanks, Darkshines!


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