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..limit Custom user titles to 17 characters?

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  • ..limit Custom user titles to 17 characters?

    Where do I go to do this? If I have to do it through phpMyAdmin, what query would I enter?? I'm pretty pretty new to php and MySQL.

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    In phpMyAdmin, locate the usertitle table. Then click on 'change' in the title row and change the 'Length' field to '17'.

    However I don't understand why you want to do this. You control the length of the stanadard titles. And the length of custom titles can be set in the Admin CP:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Custom User Titles -> Maximum Chars
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      Yeah changing it through the AdminCP is what I really wanted to do, thanks. I just thought I had to change it through phpMyAdmin. But thanks for pointing it out for me, i'm so darn blind


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