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2.3.0 and Email/VBMail Function

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  • 2.3.0 and Email/VBMail Function

    Seems the VBMail Function isnt working like it should.

    I believe it was put in so Emails wouldnt be sent out with a blank From line in the email. Some Hosts like the one I use cant specify a From address in th php.ini due to various sites they host using the the same php.ini.

    More info on this is here, this is the Owner of our Hosting Service

    I have got the new version all installed and everything works fine, but the Email problem is still there. I created 3 new test accounts, one with a Hotmail address, one with a Yahoo address and one with my own that is the main one I use. Only Email Confirmation I got was the one to my main account. The other two didt receive anything.

    I had our Host Owner check his logs and the emails were still being sent out with blank From lines.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Well, I finally figured it out!

    No matter what I did, with the sendmail_from line blank in the php.ini due to the reson above, it wouldnt send the emails to certain sites (Hotmail,Yahoo) those kind of places.

    Today I finally found out what to do, right above the actual mail() command in admin/functions.php, I just add
    ini_set("sendmail_from", $webmasteremail);
    wich sets my sendmail path for that email. All is working great now


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