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  • Restrictions on Polls

    Ok after my search here I didnt come up with an answer so here is my question..

    I have a graphics based forum where we have 2 monthly challenges. Winning images get their image displayed on my websites gallery.So now I have this member who is getting greedy and wants to win all the time at all costs and this month has registered another user to be able to vote more than once.I guess having his wife and son register so they can vote wasnt enough lol. This new user he registered hasnt even made a post but is voting in the challenges.I have about 10 screenshots of him logged in on my board with his new user and himself and all the ip's match, and some other things that I know for sure it's him..

    I would like to able to limit the ability of members who can vote to only members with a certain amount of posts (100 or so). Maybe I missed something in the ACP where I can set this, but dont think so. So I have created a new usergroup "restricted" and have placed him in there with no permission to vote. I dont want to have to keep putting his new id's into the restricted user group all the time.

    If this cant be done without hacking does anyone know of a hack at where I can achieve this?


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    First of all, that is a great way to use vBulletin for your web site. Such a shame though that people are abusing the priveledges (registration system) to bypass the poll restricktions to only vote once.

    Having said that, I think this user immediatly is disqualified from this and any future competitions. Cheating is and should not be tolerated.

    I think you are right, there is not an option to restrickt polls to like users who have more then x posts. It is pretty easy to make I think, but it does require some code modifications, so you are better of at

    Good luck!


    I just made this hack and released it on
    Here is the link:

    Enjoy :P
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      Thanks for the kind words and advice. I admit I went a little ballistic when I saw what he did this morning, I considered banning him outright,but have thought about it some more and I think your suggestion of disqualifying him from the future challenges may be wise. If he gets mad and goes away too bad.I loose him I loose 3 members, his wife, him and an elderly lady they have befriended. (yes my age demographic seems to be in the 50 and up range, lol). Dont want to loose them, they are regular posters who are keeping my small forum going lol.But I wont let them hold me hostage either, if they go then they go oh well, they will not play me for a fool.

      I think I will try your suggestion, disqualify him from future competitions and look for a hack at and see what happens..

      Once again thanks


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        Originally posted by xiphoid
        Update? Did someone say update? Where's the update?


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          no link and I just went to saw your lastest hack on the portal and got an invalid thread


          there it is thanks you very very very much lol


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            Originally posted by bromyaur

            no link and I just went to saw your lastest hack on the portal and got an invalid thread

            Originally posted by vBR
            Update? Did someone say update? Where's the update?

            I just released it, I still needed to get the thread .. posts are now updated.


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              If there is an interest, I might be able to make a 'enhanced' version of that hack. I didn't make it, since that would take me too much time and I think this will do what you need.

              version 1.1 might include:
              1- installation script which will automaticly setup the options in the admin control panel and adds the template(s) to all the styles at once.
              2- admin control panel options to turn this feature on and/or off
              3- admin control panel option to set the amount of posts required


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                thank you very much

                You win post of the year award lol


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                  Originally posted by bromyaur
                  thank you very much

                  You win post of the year award lol
                  And no problem, if I can make it, I make it


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                    For those who wanna know how it looks, the hack thread now has a few screenshots.


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                      Works flawlessly and only took 5 minutes..

                      thank you much


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                        Originally posted by bromyaur
                        Works flawlessly and only took 5 minutes..

                        thank you much
                        Not even 5 minutes to make,
                        not even 5 minutes to install,
                        not even 5 minutes to thank me

                        elite hax0r


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                          Yes gang!

                          Today we discovered the exact same abuse as you mentioned, our greedy bastard was a little more advanced, he didnt use proxies, no same ip, but simply SPAMMED people to join the forum, register, and vote for him on the pool.

                          We have pools relying on accuracy,as we give away prizes in money, this will save us a great deal of work.

                          We will prorobly set it to 10 posts minimum.

                          THANKS Vbulleting developer and Community!!


                          lmao i am so late on this one, 2003 rofl.

                          The link wont work, and i can only find a preview of it on the new forums

                          SORRY FOR BUMPING
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                            Put them in their own special usergroup and restrict that group's ability to vote - I'd remove the privilege altogether.


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