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some assistance please ..

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  • some assistance please ..

    I don't know how to get rid of the following heh
    - Users Browsing this Forum: when you click a Forum topic.
    - How to get rid of the options such as email notification when you post a reply. And when you post a topic.

    And how do i add the following ?
    - A mouseover on the main forum.. i got the mouseover effect in a topic area but not on the main forum (forumdisplaybit is what i used).
    - User status on the side below your name, instead of on the profile bar.

    Thanks alot

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    You can do most with template changes

    [HowTo] Design and Tweak your Frontpage this thread has the mouse-over effects and other cool stuff :P Enjoy.

    Maybe it also gives you a good insight on how to alter the postbit and other templates to your liking.

    Another tip: goto the admin control panel and browse down to the templates section and press 'search' enter stuff like ' Users Browsing this Forum ' and see the results, maybe you get lucky and quicly find the template where you can remove the code that parses the outcomming result.