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I am being accused of having an illegal copy of vBulletin?!

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  • I am being accused of having an illegal copy of vBulletin?!


    I just got an e-mail from someone who knows a developer here and they have just told me that I am hosting an illegal copy of vBulletin. I would like to know why have I been accused of this when I actually own a licence for my forum.

    I paid £160 to buy the licence outright, so it isn't a leased board. Could somebody look into this for me, because I am concerned that someone over at Jelsoft is going to take down my board even though I have paid.

    My domain name is, but I have another domain that links the forum, which is

    If somebody could e-mail me back at [email protected] to explain this, I would very much appreciate it. I only host the board on ONE server, so I don't believe that I have broken any rules.

    Thank you.


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    This is where Jelsoft have got confused:

    my domain name is, but I have another domain that links the forum, which is
    The problem is that they don't know that. One of those domains are not licenced, i know that one will only forward to the other but that is the problem.


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      just give them an email explaining the situation.

      I even got a email from them once for same situation, i had * pointing to the forums.
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        Maybe the backend can be updated to show extra input fields so users can enter 'other domains pointing to this licenced domain'.

        Page 1: Your main forum URL [_________] (update)
        Page 1: More domains that point to the main forum url: (setup)

        Page 2: -- list of previously added urls
        Page 2: Enter another domain that points to the main forum (url here): [__________] (update)


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          So what if another site is linking to my forum, would that be classed as illegal... that's what i'm doing at the moment, linking to my other domain, which is

 is it's own site, it isn't actually a redirect, it's just a link.

          I will have to e-mail C Services when I get home tonight then, but it would have been nice to have received an e-mail about this.


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            The simplest and fastest way to deal with this is to send this explanation to the addresses on the email you received.
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              Just wanted to mention, be sure the e-mail is from * if you're sending your license information.
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                sending license numbers is fine as well as the customer number but we will NEVER ask you for your customer password.

                Bottom of license agreement.
                Please be aware that we subcontract our anti-piracy measures to Legal Research Associates. They may contact you to clarify your license legality, and will use an email address , or .
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