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A question and a possible bug (?)

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  • A question and a possible bug (?)

    Hello there.
    I have now upgraded my board to 2.2.9

    I have noticed 2 things I'd like to clear up:

    1) In the admin CP, if you enable the "Stop 'Shouting' in titles" (that is I suppose by choosing YES), it is suppoed to be changing all -uppercase titles to capitalization only on the first letters of some words.

    I'm not really sure what this "some words" means.
    I have tried posting a new reply/post with all CAPS in the subject and in the message field, too. However no change was made. The caps remain caps...
    Even before 2.2.9, this option never worked for me.

    Am I missing anything here?

    I have applied this fix :

    not sure though if it is directly relavant to what I have as a bug.
    Of course no result even with the fix.

    2) Is there a way to set the "show threads from" by default to "the beggining" - at the user CP Subscribed Threads panel?

    p.s. In case it matters - I have applied this fix

    thanx in advance