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  • Need advise and some help pointers

    Hi all,

    I hope I am posting this in the right forum...

    My bulletin board's database is, by now, 1.5gb big.

    I have over 1.1 million posts in the post table; over 27 million entries in the search table.

    When editing a post, a user has to way for ages, the slow_queries.log is always very active, and different things happen which I am sure have to do with the size of the DB - such as, for example, today the reply counters on the forumdisplay.php pages stopped updating and many posts didn't show up, or suddenly ended in the queue, etc.

    Our server specs are:

    Dual Pentium III 800
    1.2 gb RAM
    about 30gb free disk space

    Apache 1.3.19
    PHP 4.2.3
    MySQL 3.23.53 (And the BB database runs on its own daemon, i.e. does not share with other dbs)

    Most importantly, I am running a heavily hacked vBulletin version 2.0.3 -- so I am not asking you to comment about the code nor any bug -- this BB has been running for ages and it's been over a year since I touched the code, so the latest slow down and problems can only be related to either the growth in DB size or to the new PHP version (which I take as a possibility?)

    I am very wary of upgrading - I don't know if it's even possible to upgrade with such a big db?

    In short, I'm at a loss as to what to do next... I'd love your views, suggestions, recommendations, etc.

    Thanks for your time,


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    regarding page counters stopping... in /admin/functions.php


    $noshutdownfunc = 0;


    $noshutdownfunc = 1;

    could you please provide the following

    1. is this on dedicated or shared virual server
    2. your server specs, such as mysql and php version
    3. if possible how mysql was compiled/installed
    4. your top stats
    5. your mysql configuration variables located at /etc/my.cnf or c:\my.cnf if on Windows server if you don't have that file you need to log into telnet and as root user type

    mysqladmin -u root -p variables

    copy and paste output here

    6. your mysql extended-status output either still telnet as root user type

    mysqladmin -u root -p extended-status

    copy and paste output here

    or preferred is to installed extended-status output script which is either located

    - in your vB 2.2.6 or higher vB version's zip file extra's folder, upload mysqlinfo.php script to your site or if you're on an pre vB 2.2.6 install go to
    - and install that scrip making sure to edit $mysqllogin line with your own mysqlusername and password

    and post url to that here

    7. oh and is your vB the only thing on the server? or other scripts? sites?

    8. how many average and max concurrent users on your vB forum ?

    9. create a file named phpinfo.php and place this code in it and post the url/link to it from your web site



    10. if you run Apache and you have your own dedicated server or access to your httpd.conf (apache configuration file) can you post the values you have set for the following :

    :: Always Back Up Forum Database + Attachments BEFORE upgrading !
    :: Nginx SPDY SSL - World Flags Demo [video results]
    :: vBulletin hacked forums: Clean Up Guide for VPS/Dedicated hosting users [ blog summary ]


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        Sounds like it might be taking a while to finish the queries, because of the table size. You could increase the speed of your drive subsystem to speed them up -- hardware SCSI with 0+1 (striping over mirroring) would do it, but might not be cheap -- or might with $10 9G Ulsta-SCSI-160 drives from eBay...

        Interested in knowing more about your setup.
        The High Road


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