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  • Problem with Select All Button

    Hey All,

    I have had VBB for around 7-8 months now and have been extremely satisfied on its functionality and layout; however, I have had this one problem that has really been ticking me off and that is the fact that my select/deselect all box in the PM templates does not function. It has never function since we have had our board and it’s very intriguing because it works on every other board I visit. So basically when I click on the box it puts a check in that box specifically, but doesn’t but a check in all of them as it is supposed to do.

    I have reverted all the templates back to regular (in the PM Bracket) and still no success. Can you all please help me because this is all I need fixed to be happy with my board

    Here is the Javascript, I believe to control the action:

    <script language="JavaScript">
    function CheckAll() {
    for (var i=0;i<document.form.elements.length;i++) {
    var e = document.form.elements[i];
    if (( != 'allbox') && (e.type=='checkbox')) {
    e.checked = document.form.allbox.checked;
    function CheckCheckAll() {
    var TotalBoxes = 0;
    var TotalOn = 0;
    for (var i=0;i<document.form.elements.length;i++) {
    var e = document.form.elements[i];
    if (( != 'allbox') && (e.type=='checkbox')) {
    if (e.checked) {
    if (TotalBoxes==TotalOn) {
    } else {

    Here is the “select all checkbox” located in the header of the private messages section:

    <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}" nowrap><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><input name="allbox" type="checkbox" value="Check All" title="Select/Deselect All" onClick="CheckAll();"></smallfont></td>

    And here is the checkbox put next to each private message received:

    <td bgcolor="{secondaltcolor}"><input type="checkbox" name="privatemessage[$privatemessage[privatemessageid]]" value="yes"></td>

    I would really aprreciate support’s help and I have tried everything to fix it and it just hasn’t worked. All my private message templates are now in their “original” state and we can work from there.

    Thanks for your help!

    ~Joel S. Rotunda
    Senate Simulation

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    Fill out a support ticket at:

    Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP and FTP.
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