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  • couple of questions

    1st off, this software is great. The forums are taking off really fast and I'm very pleased with everything.

    This morning I was looking at the who's online and it had a guest listed as "Moderating Duties". I came here to do a search and found out thye're probably looking at something that they don't have permission to see and it probably tells them that on the screen. So, I was ok with that, but after over 2 hours updating it still shows up to the minute access for this single guest with the same IP showing as "Moderating Duties". It has gone away a couple of times, but returned. Has anyone seen this? Does anyone think someone is looking for a way into the backend database? I was just wondering if there is something I should watch for.

    Also, I had someone ask a question and they were confused. Some people had spent some time with some links and good info in their replies. It appears the starter of the thread must have been embarrassed for asking and deleted the thread. I don't want to bring the thread back if the person that started it doesn't want it there, but I was referencing the info and can't find some of it now. Is there a way to look through deleted threads?

    edit spelling =)
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    If you want to be sure ; log out of your forum and try to enter the modcp yourself as a guest.

    A smart thing is to always protect the backend dirs like admin and mod with .htpasswd so they have to try reaaaaaaally hard.

    No, deleted threads in vB version 2.x are really deleted. (and their posts)


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      If you happen to have a backup of your forums dB, you could always install it and create a temp forum and copy the info from the old thread to your new forum.

      That's the only way though.


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        OK, this is still going on, except, the same IP is listed as "guest" and every time I refresh it says they are in the status of "Quoting Post in Thread" but it's always a different post. I contacted my host about it and they are ready to block it if we need to. What do you guys think... block it?


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          Maybe it's just a very weird searchengine following links?


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            Found out who it is:
            It is a search engine for; the
            access_log entries and a whois lookup on the IP trace it back to off
            our network. The referrer in the access log is:


            What do you guys think? Let it go?