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    *scroll down the aim isnt to important*
    StandardAI: howdy
    Zero8985: hi
    StandardAI: dont sapose you know doomsdays email adress?
    Zero8985: nope
    Zero8985: sorry
    StandardAI: ok...
    StandardAI: just so you get a heads up, i plan on taking down video game theater forums pretty soon...
    Zero8985: for what reason?
    StandardAI: doomsday banned me for NO reason...
    Zero8985: no, he had his reasons
    StandardAI: well... then i will have mine
    Zero8985: don't you think taking down anime flipside is a good enough reason for other forums to ban you
    StandardAI: i gues he hasnt learned his lesson yet... tsk tsk
    Zero8985: if your gonna do it one forum, the other forums will fear you doing it to them, so they will try and keep you away from them
    StandardAI: now everyone has to pay for him
    Zero8985: stop...
    StandardAI: oh well...
    Zero8985: you have problems with dooms, talk with him
    StandardAI: the moral of the storry is. dont ban me
    StandardAI: no... he just blocks me...
    Zero8985: the moral is your not just messing with dooms at VGT
    Zero8985: these guys ACTUALLY know how to run a forum
    Zero8985: don't mean to pun doomsday, but it's true
    StandardAI: ...
    Zero8985: so they prolly got some protection against you
    StandardAI: really...
    Zero8985: also, they prolly know how to retaliate
    StandardAI: well just have to see about that... wont we
    Zero8985: or you don't, and you can leave VGT alone...
    Zero8985: i am tired of switching forums, Stan
    Zero8985: i wanna stay in one place, and not have to switch
    StandardAI: yeah... sucks that you have to suffer becuase of doomsday
    Zero8985: it gets annoying having to reregister

    Zero8985: and you just leave it alone
    StandardAI: but... you will have to suffer...
    Zero8985: no, i don't have to
    Zero8985: you choose to make me, and everyone at AF
    StandardAI: no... i wanted it to be peace full
    Zero8985: and it would have been if you didn't **** AF over
    StandardAI: really? neo was driving it in to the ground...
    Zero8985: in what way?
    StandardAI: ...
    StandardAI: i dont need to explain my actions
    Zero8985: yeah, you do
    Zero8985: now you do
    StandardAI: no...
    StandardAI: i dont
    Zero8985: Neo didn't do ****, and honestly, nobody gave a **** WHAT neo did, because it didn't matter, just as long as there was an AF, and it wasn't Neo who ****ed that up, it was you
    StandardAI: you want to know what pisses me off the most?
    Zero8985: so explain to me, why in hell you are mad at Doomsday, and why VGT must be takin down
    Zero8985: i don't care what pisses you off
    StandardAI: becuase doomsday banned me... its bad enough i have no authority, but to not be a member at all...
    Zero8985: because AF finally came to peace with a merger at VGT, and you plan to **** that up too...
    Zero8985: I can't even believe you think you SHOULD have authority
    StandardAI: sure... wy not
    Zero8985: you just rip things down..
    StandardAI: im god... of course i should have authority
    Zero8985: but both are your fault
    StandardAI: ...
    Zero8985: no authority for children... and no membership for vandalism
    Zero8985: common sense
    Zero8985: too bad
    StandardAI: yeah... well i wonna bomb somethin... and it sucks that every time i feel like attacking something its always AF...
    StandardAI: and its always going to be AF, as long as things remain how they are...
    Zero8985: that's the funny thing, IT DOESN"T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY
    StandardAI: haha... unless your going to say something totally radical thats going to change my mind about the subject, dont bother
    Zero8985: get a ****ing life, you loser...
    StandardAI: haha...
    StandardAI: good times
    StandardAI: tell doomsday more people have to suffer becuase of him.... or dont, either way it makes no difference
    Zero8985: bombing forums for entertainment is pretty sad
    StandardAI: yeah... playing a RPG in high school is sad...
    Zero8985: you know what else makes you sad?
    StandardAI: ...
    StandardAI: no, but im sure your going to tell me...
    Zero8985: the fact that you can't get over something as petty as your little bickering with Neo and Doomsday
    Zero8985: of course i would tell you
    Zero8985: that would make my question meaningless
    StandardAI: your soul is meaningless...
    Zero8985: it has much more meaning than you and what your gonna do
    StandardAI: yeah, sucks for you. and can you stop saying how its puthetic that i take down the forums? all i have to do is ****ing copy and paste... which takes 5 seconds... however it takes you months to have a RPG battle... which is really puthetic
    Zero8985: call it what you want, but i don't sit at the computer all day on AIM, and i don't sit and obsess about Neo and Doomsday
    StandardAI: haha... i havent been online at all this week...

    Begins the important

    You see StandardAI is a prog(script as he calls it) hacker, who has claimed to ahve accessed my forum. Just in cases I htaccessed my admin panel, and datadumped my user tables and mroe important tables onto my comp. Is there anyway i can see if he is "really" on my server? And what do i do with the dumped data, if he does wipe my database?

    This aim is important

    Im Agent98674 btw

    Agent98674: sorry my isp should die
    Zero8985: for what?
    Agent98674: it sucks lol
    Zero8985: no, what you sorry for?
    Agent98674: for dissappearing for a sec
    Agent98674: has he talked anymore trash or did he admit his retardation?
    Zero8985: honestly, i didn't notice since i didn't put you on buddy yet and i have been yelling at Stan for the passed 10 minutes
    Zero8985: he is in VGT he claims
    Agent98674: umm ok
    Agent98674: lol
    Agent98674: bull****
    Zero8985: he is the 1 guest
    Agent98674: is that what he claims?
    Zero8985: mmhm
    Agent98674: hmm
    Agent98674: proxy server
    Agent98674: unbannable
    Agent98674: unless i can see through his proxy
    Agent98674: dont relay this to him, but tell me if he says he just got banned
    Agent98674: If he doesnt i know he's using a proxy and ill have to find another way to beat it
    Zero8985: StandardAI: damn... this server has alot
    Zero8985: unless you haven't done it yet, there's your answer
    Agent98674: hmm
    Agent98674: im sending all VGT's files to another server
    Agent98674: and actually vgt is rather empty
    Zero8985: you do know he is prolly looking at it at
    Zero8985: it just shows lists of files
    Agent98674: yeah
    Agent98674: i do
    Agent98674: lol
    Agent98674: but still
    Agent98674: im sending a mass dump to my off site server
    Zero8985: good idea
    Agent98674: it'll duplicate all the files
    Zero8985: StandardAI: an irc server, dang, a grip of ****
    Agent98674: nay
    Agent98674: not an irc server
    Zero8985: StandardAI: Melange Chat Server ?
    Agent98674: -_-
    Agent98674: lol
    Agent98674: no
    Zero8985: i dunno, i am just sending as they come
    Zero8985: he doesn't know what it is, and he wants to know?
    Agent98674: hahahahaha
    Zero8985: should i tell him it's my ***** in his moms mouth? or do you wanna answer
    Agent98674: lol, im not even going to give that a responce
    Agent98674: cus its not an irc server *shacks head8
    Zero8985: then i will
    Zero8985: StandardAI: mysql....
    Agent98674: wow he knows the default mysql socket wootzorz
    Last edited by ChanServ; Sat 28th Dec '02, 1:13am.
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