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  • Why is this showing up?

     HT1.11.1 200 OK Transfer-Encoding: chunked Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 04:11:33 GMT Server: Apache/1.3.26 (Unix) PHP/4.2.3 FrontPage/ X-Powered-By: PHP/4.2.3 Set-Cookie:
    3A5360%3Bi%3A1041048465%3Bi%3A5265%3Bi%3A1041048492%3Bi%3A5361%3Bi%3A1041048526%3Bi%3A5011%3Bi%3A1041048679%3Bi%3A5309%3Bi%3A1041048693%3B%7D; path=/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:
    ~~~~~ Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=96 Connection: Keep-Alive Content-Type: text/html 2114 function BlinkTxt() {if(document.getElementById && document.all){obj = document.getElementsByTagName("blink");for (var i=0; iBODY { SCROLLBAR-BASE-COLOR: #006600; SCROLLBAR-ARROW-COLOR: #FFF788;}SELECT 
    { FONT-FAMILY: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; FONT-SIZE: 11px; COLOR: #000000; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #CFCFCF}TEXTAREA, .bginput { FONT-SIZE: 12px; 
    FONT-FAMILY: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; COLOR: #000000; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #CFCFCF}A:link, A:visited, A:active { COLOR: #000000;}A:hover { COLOR: #F8F811;}#cat A:link, #cat A:visited, #cat A:active { COLOR: #FFF788; TEXT-DECORATION: none;}#cat A:hover 
    { COLOR: #FFF788; TEXT-DECORATION: underline;}#ltlink A:link, #ltlink A:visited, #ltlink A:active { COLOR: #000000; TEXT-DECORATION: none;}#ltlink A:hover { COLOR: #F8F811; TEXT-DECORATION: underline;}.thtcolor { COLOR: #EEEEFF;} function showwarnings(userid) 
    {"warn.php?s=&action=show_warn&userid="+userid, "show_warn", "toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=600,height=350"); }function addwarnings(postid) {"warn.php?s=&action=add_warn&postid="+postid, "add_warn",
    "toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=400,height=200"); }function BlinkTxt() {if(document.getElementById && document.all){obj = document.getElementsByTagName("blink");for (var i=0; i
    On the top of my index page, or after I click on a thread link?
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    Is it true that "Cannibals" don't eat Clowns because they taste funny? :eek:

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    Have you modified your phpinclude and/or headinclude templates?
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      No ... it's still the same as it was when I installed the board!
      Is it true that "Cannibals" don't eat Clowns because they taste funny? :eek:


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        Since there is no warn.php in the vB files you have mjust have modified some template to put this there. Try reverting that template back to original.
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