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    Hey I know this has been covered in another post, but I have a specific Question, and my brain is to fried to figure it out, so accept my Apologies.

    I want to have a A backup script that will:
    1. Back it Up every 12 hours or 24 HOurs
    2. gZIP it
    3. Store it Away on the Server with a Date in the File Name
    4. Keep the last 7 Backups on the Server
    5. e-mail me weekly 1 backup
    6. Only keep the Last 10 Backups
    The reason i want it this way, is because if my backup was e-mailed to me DAILY or every 12 hours it would use a lot of bandwith, so if the db is corrupted, i have the last 10 backups on the server... HOwever if the server goes down totally, and all data is destroyed, the oldest backup i have in my e-mail is 7 days old.

    Anyone have any suggestions or mordifications to a script I can implement, thanks?

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    Ok, i think i found an awesome script the roll back schipts version 2 on a another thread, i have a concern though...

    # - Word #
    # - Searchindex #
    # - Search #
    # - Session
    The author said he will not backup these fields...

    Well, I need to know if these fields are not backed up can they easily be rebuilt or something?

    thanks and how would i rebuiiolt it if lets say i lost all of my Data and needed to restore my db off his backup...