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  • Database Backup to Local HD

    When I try to do a database backup and click on the "Do Backup" button I get a file named vbulletin.sql that only says about 200-400 KB and then stops, and then after 15 minutes, says its done? My database was manully and painfully backedup by my web host.

    Saving the data to a filem on the server was unsucessful as well.

    when i log on i see

    my www address is

    my forum address is (FTP)

    saving the file "./forumbackup-12-23-2002.sql" in forum database file would save it where in what relation to these folders? Then, what should the permissions be set to to allow this?

    I got two erros from this...

    the first with some sort of crazy error that wont come up anymore...

    the 2nd error is
    Data dumped sucessfully! a mesesage i get after a style, usergoup, templtete, etc..

    My goal (i frogot if i stated this) is to save my database as a file to my hard drive that can be imported to a different server when I switch in May 2003.

    whats that and is there a 20 mb files with my forum info saved anywhere now or not? This si the only thing I don't understand anymore...this forum rules and everyone here has been friendly and helpful! Happy holidays to all of you and thnk you in advance to whomever takes the time to help me out!
    John Bilicki III
    Webmaster of JAB Creations

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    While you can certainly use the backup option in the Admin CP, please note that the most reliable method of backing up your forums is through shell access via telnet or ssh. This is because backing up with a PHP script like that in the Admin CP can result in timeouts errors and an incomplete backup file. The recommended backup procedure is explained in Step One on this page:

    And here is some more info:
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