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How do you edit PHP?

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  • How do you edit PHP?

    Before I get too deeply involved with this I want to ask a simple question:

    How, or what is the best method for editing PHP? Do you do it on line or do you set up a server on your home PC? How do you see if your modifications are working? I have have Namo WebEditor 5 but the help & manuals included with it are hopeless. There must be some method for viewing your mods in a WYSIWYG fashion?


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    There might be better ways, but I do it by downloading the file I want to edit, editing it, renaming the file that's in the server, then uploading the edited file. If it works, I delete the renamed one in the server. If it doesn't, I delete it and put the original one back to its original name.

    One rule that works for me pretty well in all things computerish: Always have a way to get back to where you started.

    I hope this is helpful.
    Steve Price