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W2K....Email NOT working....Viewed tons of threads here...*Please help*

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    Nuno, I really appreciate your help, but after reading this stuff, I don't know that I am any closer.

    One thing I have noticed is that I get that error in the event viewer when I run either the mail test or try to send mail via vbulletin. It all looks good otherwise.

    Now the other thing I noticed is that if I have the php.ini set to localhost, and I set the IP address for the smtp server in the iis utility, when I try to send mail the web page just sits there (globe rolling but nothing else). As soon as I turn the smtp server back to "all unassigned", I just get that error.

    How depressing.


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      The faq clearly states localhost.
      Try setting it to, both in php.ini and Email Settings SMTP options.
      You're my Prince of Peace
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        here goes a little php script to test your mail server
        PHP Code:
        print mail ('[email protected]'
        'No need for reply -- PHP test!'/* subject */
        "hi cobradude\nLine 2\n");            /* body    */
        Save it as mailtest.php and run it.
        Good luck
        You're my Prince of Peace
        And I will live my life for You


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          I figured it out!!!!

          It was trying to do the right thing all the time, and I just kept coming back to that error in the event log. After some sleep, it dawned on me....Are the permissions for mailroot appropriate? NO!!! They are now!

          I'm all smiles, and I wonder if some of the people who have had this same problem may have been fixed up by a permissions thing. Geez. How stupid I can be, after spending literally a full day trying to figure this out.

          Nuno, thank you very much for spending the time with me, it's much appreciated, as I was feeling a little lonely going at this problem myself.


          Brent Mills


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            heh np
            You're my Prince of Peace
            And I will live my life for You


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