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  • MySQL error 1062

    Alright, my board has been running fine and then all of a sudden it decides not to. No clue why. I went to add a new sub forum and that's when it started crashing. To view it from the outside, it seems to work but the admin area is pretty much gone...

    Database error in vBulletin Control Panel 2.2.7:

    Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO adminlog (adminlogid,userid,dateline,script,action,extrainfo,ipaddress) VALUES (NULL,'1',1039819930,'index.php','','','65.103.***.***')
    mysql error: Duplicate entry '633' for key 1
    mysql error number: 1062

    I logged in through MyPHPAdmin tried emptying the table session, but I still have these errors.

    I don't know mysql stuff at all, and the onyl reason i knew to try and empty the table is from what i read in other posts when I searched under '1062'.

    sigh... anyone have ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    From my answer to your support ticket regarding this issue:

    First, have you installed any hacks? Try reuploading the original admin/index.php file. make sure you upload in ASCII and overwrite the one on the server.

    If that doesn' help then upload repair.php (it's in the 'extras' folder of the zip file) to your admin directory. Close your forums, then run it from your browser with this syntax:

    [Of course change the exact URL as appropriate for your forums.]

    If everything reports 'Ok' then reopen your forums. If not, then run it again. The second time everything should report Ok. See if this fixes the problem.

    If not, log into phpMyAdmin and run this query to empty the adminlog table:

    DELETE FROM adminlog;

    Backup your database first.
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      Originally posted by Steve Machol
      From my answer to your support ticket regarding this issue:
      I swear, this is without a doubt the fastest reply from a support dept in history. Kick ass work Steve thanks!

      I'll try those fixes.


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