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Not able to register username...

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  • Not able to register username...

    I was editting my REGISTER.PHP file and it became corrupt and new users were not able to join... now the file is fixed and I did a sucessful new register...

    but now.. the original users who signed on during the problem can't use the username that they want to.... says that the name already exists...

    where is this list stored... can't query within the ADMIN panel...

    it looks like it stored the username and email although the accoutn was not officially created....

    how do I query these new user names and delete the info?


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    This problem is probably due to the user and userfield tables no longer matching. There should be one entry for each user in both tables. You can verify this by using phpMyAdmin to access and view your database. If they don't match then you can use the script posted here to fix the problem:
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