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Simple, quick, "hack" plz...

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  • Simple, quick, "hack" plz...

    Okay, I run/own the site

    We will be looking at <-the forums.
    What I am looking for is, youll notice in my "Forum Software Discussion Areas" that I made a custom table that links to these forums. The problem is, there is no way of seeing if there are any new threads in these forums...what I want is some directions, and code snippets needed to have these buttons "light up" or, basically display an "on" version of their current states when there are new threads in their respective forums.

    Normally I would think you would just use the same code for the "on button" for the normal forums listed below, but these are actual forums...whereas the software discussion areas are in..."act as forum: no" mode. Therefor im not sure if the same code applies...anyways, tell me what you think, any help is greatly appreciated, i think if members could see that there were new posts in these areas they would be much more inclined to use this is pretty important.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Okay I think what im looking for is...

    for a way to call...

    {imagezfolder}$forum[onoff].gif for a specific maybe...

    something like this? {imagezfolder}MANUALLY INSERT FORUMID HERE FOR EACH FORUM[onoff].gif

    so what does $forum get replaced by exactly? just the forum id, or the sessionhash and the forumid or what? And how could i make it so this would work with new posts in categories?

    p.s. intentionally spelled imagez with a z because vb was automatically replacing it with the path to's images folder.
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