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How can I import only the members data and post to the new server

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  • How can I import only the members data and post to the new server


    I am moving server and I had created a backup via MySQL dump. However MySQL dump backup all the database tables...

    How do I import only the necessary members'data and post without all the other extra crap that is installed when we install our hacks.

    Please show me the exact command to type in the SSH command prompt.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can't filter out your database hacks like that. you need to contact the original hack authors for instructions on uninstalling their hacks from your original database.

    many people get this scheme where they want to "clean install" their forums and import their data in order to get rid of their hacks... it doesn't work that way.

    also, if you have phpmyadmin installed on your server you can do a new vBulletin install to a separate database. then use phpmyadmin to visually compare the database structure of your database with the structure of the "clean" database so you know which tables / columns are hacks.


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      I don't think you can really. You will have to do into the database and manually remove all the extra tables/columns which you added when you installed the hacks.
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        in that case I will create another MySQL and visually compare (BETA) -