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  • Error Message when registering


    New users have just started getting this error message when they attempt to register on our forums at :

    Line 944
    Error: 'document.forms.0.avatarsel.selectedIndex' is null or not an object

    This only occurs on the registration form page.

    I am using vb 2.2.8
    MySQL version: 3.23.43
    PHP Version 4.1.2

    I have phpmyadmin installed.

    Please help ASAP.

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    is the registration template edited ? have you tried reverting the rego templates to default ?
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      It seems that it can't keep the array with the id's of the selected avatar and returns a null, while the script wants to be 'if not null then..'. It is at the bottom of the page, and you see the status bar loading the page 'building menu'... and then the error, maybe the other javascripts (and you have many loaded) are breaking the formation.


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        Hi and Thanks

        This is happening even though there is no avatar selected. I'm sorry, but I don't understand your answer. I understand that the Java Scripts on the page may be interfering. We are having those re-written so they load faster and do not call a .js file, but they are necessary. This doesn't happen on any other page in the forum as far as I can tell.

        Do you know how I can overcome this?


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          Originally posted by eva2000
          is the registration template edited ? have you tried reverting the rego templates to default ?
          Probably like that.

          It appears on loading the page (body) already, even if a user doesn't move his mouse or touch a key on the keyboard.


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            None of the Registration templates are modified at all.

            The only templates that are modified are:

            Head Include
            php Include
            signup adult
            print thread
            email subject newuser


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              Added comment:

              That is absolutely the only page in the BB that causes this error. It does not happen on the edit profile pages.


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                It's not the Java Script!

                Even with all Java Script removed from the templates, the error still comes up. I am going to close the forums and try the default head, header and footer templates, but I do not believe this is the problem. The templates I am using have not changed, other than the fact that I have switched from Java applets for navigation, to Java Script. When I removed the Java script from the templates, the error persists.