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    I see in the vb v229 has the license number embedded in the admin index.php, does it matter if the code is used on multiple sites? IE so you dont have to go in and download the code again, extract etc again and again for each site? or have I been stupid and purchased loads of seperate licenses when I should have just got one and added to that one...

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    If you download a copy of vBulletin through the members area, you can use that one copy to make one installation on one web server with it. In the members area you have to set the URL for the web site that you are using it on, so they can see that you have the license etc, in case someone reports you for piracy or whatever other reason.

    If you run another copy on the same server or another server, you need a seperate license for that one. Each instance requires its own license.

    Personally I think you can download 1 copy and upload that to all the sites that you want to use it on. But, just make sure you have a legal license for each site that you run it on.

    I think one of the reasons that the license code is embedded in the php file is to track down people who 'spread' their personal copy; this to prevent warez. I.e. a person buys a license, and then gives his copy to all his friends, who don't have a license. Which ofcourse, would be against the rules.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask!


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      Oh I agree, and yes I have licenses for all the sites it just it would look like that I was using the same license number over all the sites, I forgot about the setting web address, so I suppose it wouldnt matter because they would look up the URL and and it had a license, just will prolly flag all the sites as suspious because they have multiple domain names... but hey

      There are no perfect people, only perfect intentions.

      [email protected]/2003: 18,800+ users; 1,450,000+ posts; 55,000+ threads


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        You need to use the correct download for each license.
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