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How can I get the following not to appear?

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  • How can I get the following not to appear?

    I would like to have the following not appear on the site.

    1. The items that appear near the top of the main page such as:

    a) members...threads...posts

    b) welcome to our newest member...

    c) welcome back...

    d) you last visited....

    2) The "Mark all Forums Read" and "Forum Leaders" that appear near the bottom of the main page.

    3) The "Search This Forum" label, textbox, and "go" button.

    4) The moderator column on the Forum page (I found a previous post where it stated how to remove the column from the main page).

    5) The "Subscribe to This Forum" and "Mark This Forum Read" labels.

    6) "Shows Threads From" label, text box, and "go" button.

    7) The rating column.

    What do I need to do to have all the above not appear?


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    Some can be done by removing the $variables from the forumhome and forumdisplay templates. Some template modifications have been released on this or other template based sites; like the 'how to remove the moderator column'. try searching for it. Also, if you find out how to do the mods, you can do the ratings too.

    If not all, but I think most of your requests are just template modifications. Try searchin in the templates what goes where and play around a bit.