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Who's online showing some strange things

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  • Who's online showing some strange things

    So, everything has been running great and stable for quite a while now, and this one thing I've seen before occasionally but could never trace it down. I've actually done some more on it, so wanted to see what everyone has to say about it...

    When viewing the Who's Online section, sometimes it will show a user as simeply 'Veiwing Forum' with no descriptor of what forum they are viewing at all. I saw it today and immediately called the user that it was showing up for and asked a couple questions.

    The user here is chetta. She had not been active in the past 10 minutes or so, but still had they window open. She came from a thread, and did NOT use the 'Back' button on her browser, she actually clicked on the link to take her back to the forum. A couple minutes later, I saw her drop off the Who's Online list entirely.

    Is there a known issue with a slight sync of the session/cookie and the who's online code?

    EDIT: version of vb is 2.2.5 running on Win2k SP2 and php 4.1.1

    I've attached a screenshot of the who's online

    Matt Baskett