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Dateline problem!

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  • Dateline problem!

    I have 2 questions that have to do with each other.

    1. I was wondering how i can use de dateline field. I want to let users put the date and search on that date 4 all posts posted after that date. How can i convert the date they input like DD-MM-YYYY into a dateline figure?

    2. I can not use the select statement stated below. It does not get the posts when i use both the dateline condition as well as the pagetext condition. What is wrong with my syntax?

    SELECT username, threadid, title, pagetext, dateline from post where dateline>'$dateline' AND pagetext LIKE '%$searchword1%' OR pagetext LIKE '%$searchword2%' ORDER BY username

    Thnx in advance!
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    I fixed the dateline problem myself. But i still want to know what's wrong with my sql-statement. PLease answer question 2 4 me. Cuz it's really frustrating. I just don't see why the statement isn't returning the result i want.

    Another question: How many days does a year have. As many figures after the dot please! So 365.'figures-here' . (I'm serious with the previous question)
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