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    We have got a lot of users, who are working a certain time of the month not at our company's place.
    How can they use a offline version of our vbulletin board?

    thx in advance, Lena

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    Er..I'm confused. vBulletin is online. If the employee's aren't at the company office, perhaps they can connect via their home computer, or is this vBulletin on a LAN?


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      Well, we use vBulletin on the intranet-homepage, so no one, who isn't connected to the company's network will see it.
      When our company are at the client, they are just developing on their computer, and often they have no connection to the internet, so it is necessary to have a 'offline version', which they can use when they have no possibility to connect to the company's LAN or to the internet.

      Greetings, piranha


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        I don't think this is possible. If the vBulletin is on a company LAN, and the user is not connected to the LAN, then they cannot post to the board.


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          It isn't necessary that they can do postings on the board.
          But they should have the possibility to search through older topics, and have a look at all the posts.


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            This would require them to set up the vBulletin on their personal computer and import the database on a regular basis. This also isn't allowed, because you need a license for each person (I believe anyway).