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  • Logout+Redirect in icon under header nav

    I hve chosen non-registed users (guests) not to be able to view or do anything at all in my board. However my main page is not php... it is an html page with the login code in it.

    I also added the nav bar on it... I removed the "Forums" icon, and what I want to do is under the Logout icon... besides login out, I would like to redirect to my main page.

    So far, when I click Logout, it redirects to my main page, where a user must enter his/her username - password to log back in. BUT if a user enters the URL: he/she is sent back to the forum logged in, without having to log again. How can I prevent this... they must log back in.

    Here's the code I use under my header nav for the lgout icon:

    <a href="member.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=logout"><a href=""><img src="{imagesfolder}/nav_logout.gif" alt="Logout" border="0"></td>

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    That code is completely invalid. You cannot surround a link with another link. You are also missing a closing </a> tag after the img. What is actually happening when someone clicks that link is that the user is taken to index5.html - they are never logged out.

    You'll need to hack member.php to do what you want. For hacking help you'll need to post at .


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