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Why does cookie take so long to expire?

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  • Why does cookie take so long to expire?

    I'm running vb 2.2.8, and Apache 2.0.42 on Linux. The browser is IE 6.0

    I clear all the files from my temporary internet files folder, including all cookies. I then hit my site and it just thinks I'm a Guest user.

    The cookie that gets written as soon as I hit the site shows an expire time of almost 2 hours?!

    Where is it getting such a large timeout time from? My cookie timeout in the control panel is 300 seconds, and no-cache headers is turned off.

    I'm not running mod_session and there are no cookie timeouts defined in my apache conf files except for the SSL session (300 seconds).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is causing our intranet portal folks that our site goes through to have fits about security.

    Ryan Hulslander