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Need some help, thanks.

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  • Need some help, thanks.

    Let me first say, that I am very new to the vBulletin expirence. I've been members on various different vBulletin boards, but never created my own.

    Well, I just ordered my license (owned) to vBullletin 2.28, and I did exactly what was instructed, on the installation document. I'm having a very difficult time viewing my web server? What is the deal with this?

    Reading over the registration with the Owned License - 160$, this is what it reads.

    "An owend license grants you the right to run on ONE WEB SERVER, and one web site for each license purchased for an unlimited time".

    Now, either I'm just reading this wrong, I was never provided with any web server?

    Please respond asap, because now I'm not really sure if I made a totally disasterous mistake by registering. It would have really helped, if it was WRITTEN somewhere on the main registration of VBulletin, that I needed to purchase a web server. Probably wouldn't have registered, had that been the case.

    Thank you for the time and courtesy. Take care.
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    Yes, you need a web server to install and run your vB on. Don't you have a web hosting company already? If not, browse the vBulletin Hosting Options forum for some recommended hosts.

    The System Requirements are listed on our Features page:
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