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fit the forum into my own website structure?

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  • fit the forum into my own website structure?


    How can I fit the forum into my own templates that I have for my website. Essentailly I want to fit all of the forum code into one table. This will allow me to keep the consistency of my website, especially important to me is the navigation system.

    at you can see my template. when someone clicks on support, they will be taken to the forum. And I want the forum to fit into the big white table.

    I have the forum linked up now, as is, with some color changes, but I think I would rather have it fit into my own HTML template.

    Any thoughts on how best to do this?


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    you will need to edit your header and footer templates.

    Admin CP -> Templates -> Modify -> [expand list] -> header and footer

    the header template makes up the top of your forum pages and opens the table for your forum content. the footer template makes up the bottom of your forum pages and closes the content table. everything is marked with html comments to help you know where you are in the template.