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Unicode Indic text is not posted properly!

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  • Unicode Indic text is not posted properly!

    Recently I upgraded my forums to 2.2.7 and ever since the upgrade I am having a problem with some Indic characters being incorrectly translated to something else. This happens while I have the pages encoded in UTF8. I have created a thread on my forum which shows the problem, please use the link below:

    I have upgraded to 2.2.8 which didn't fix the problem either. If you would like to reproduce the problem on these forums you can follow these steps:

    1. While you are in new thread mode, change encoding to UTF-8 Use View -> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8) on IE.

    2. Paste the character given below:

    3. Do preview you will see that inside the Message box in the preview will show the above character whereas the Post Preview shows incorrect character.

    4. Posting the message would still show the problem.

    Please help!

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    Edit: Confirmed. I wonder if this is a problem with php itself.


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      I wondered that and switched my php version (temporarily) to 4.0.2 but the problem was still there. In fact, as I mentioned earlier I had things working with and older version of vBullettin (2.2.3, if I remember correctly).

      I am not sure what I need to do to prove that this is a bug that needs fixing! I really require this to be fixed ASAP.


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        Our PHP/Server Configuration

        Here is the configuration of my forums with the above problem:

        1. URL of forums:
        2. PHP Version: 4.2.2
        3. MySQL Version: 3.23.51
        4. Apache Version: 1.3.26
        5. Server OS: FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE i386
        6. Error Msg: NONE - See problem description above
        7. Edited any files - NO


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          The problem is in censortext()

          I finally sat down and digged through vB source and found that the culprit is censortext().

          This function for some reason replaces certain chars into plain underscore. Although I am sure that there is some reasoning behind this I feel it clearly overlooked the UTF8 scenario.

          $text = str_replace(chr(173), '_', $text);
          $text = str_replace(chr(160), '_', $text);

          To fix the problem I had to comment out the above two lines in function.php. The other thing that is surprising me is the fact that above code executed even when censoring is disabled?!

          Btw, the problem exists in VB3 as well. Could someone atleast now classify this as a bug!!!

          Thank you,


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            I had the same problem and found these two lines too.
            I commented out these two lines too and things are now working well.

            (So I come here and want to tell you my discovery, but it is so nice to see that you also found them.)

            Thanks also to Cary Sidhom, who have helped me to solve some other problems.


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              Do you know how to resolve this problem in vB3?


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                Go to vBulletin Options -> Censorship Options -> Blank ASCII Character Stripper and remove the contents of that field.
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