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  • Setup sendmail/email....

    I have been trying to send emails within Vb and i can't... just recently installed 2.7...

    Where are the paramaters to view if the path is correct?

    I did a import and it doesn't look like anyone got their new password emailed to them... Once i figure out the setup... can i do a mass password reset?


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    Upload mailtest.php to your forums directory (it's in the 'extras' folder of the zip file) and run it from your browser. Using your email address as a test, what happens? Any errors? Do you get the email?
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      here's the scenario so far...

      i am in the middle of XFR'n my domain over... and I have Vb running of an IP and my actual domain ( is really on another server...

      for some strange reason... the mailtest sends emails to any other address that is not on my domain... eg) [email protected] gets no email...

      Any hints/tips...


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        because when it goes to send it will find the domain is on the local system and put it in the mailbox.

        If you login to mail on the system with vB on it you'll find in that mail box, this will happen until your domain propogates to the new server.
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          hmm... ok... it's a dedicated box... so I'll juss temporarily rename my account to .NET... instead of the .com address... hmmm....

          BTW>> I logged into my CPANEL of my account and didnt' see any emails in my box...



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            sendmail will do a dns of the domain and it will match an IP on the local box, well thats what it will think presuming the domain is setup on the box and put it directly into the mailbox without attempting to send it to another server as it isn't able to tell that the domain is still pointing to another server. Did you check the mail catcher in case the account wasn't setup?
            Scott MacVicar

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