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My Forums got hacked - Please Help.

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  • Steve Machol
    1. Report him to his ISP with all the necessary documentation.

    2. Report this to your host just in case he gained access via the server.

    3. Htaccess protect your admin and mod directories:

    The HTAccess Authentication Tutorial

    4. Upgrade to vB 2.2.8 which includes several security fixes.

    5. Use the global.php file in John's post in this thread which fixes another secutiry hole:

    Leave a comment:

  • Sean123
    started a topic My Forums got hacked - Please Help.

    My Forums got hacked - Please Help.

    Today after school I went to go on my forums which are located at and for some reason I wasnt logged in. That wasnt a big deal to me, since it sometimes does that. So I type in my username and password and it says password is incorrect. I try again and again and again. It still doesnt work. I then look try password recovery and type in my e-mail address and it says that e-mail address doesnt could not be found. So I was starting to get worried and mad. I look at the forum leaders and my name isnt on their.

    I e-mail a couple of people and I tell them this . .and they tell me that the forums were hacked into last night. I did not even know this. Well I wanted to find out who hacked into my forums and etc. Now a member posts an e-mail that was sent out by another admin. saying indeed the forums were hacked into. This is the e-mail :

    "Earlier tonight one of our best and most well liked forum members went on a rampage. He caused a great deal of damage to the image of XboxEvolved in the short time the "hacked" page's were viewable.

    He also modified post counts on alot of members, and may have banned some as well. We dont stand for things like this, and action will be taken as we see fit. If you post count was altered in anyway please email me (ill know if it really was) with the correct count and ill do my best to fix it.

    Also, in light of the event i suggest everyone, normal members, mods, and admins all change there password to something secure that contains letters and numbers, and is something nobody would ever guess out of the blue.

    We are all sorry for the email that was sent out earlier, it was not from John so please ignore it, we are also sorry for any inconvience we may have caused any forum members trying to access the site during the downtime.

    Thank you for your time


    Well now a user posts another e-mail showing this :

    Attention: Site has been hacked. You idiots banned me.. Boondock has revenge!

    Now suck my balls *****!

    Boondock used to be a member of our forums. He would always cause trouble, flame people, swear at people etc. So what I did was ban him. He wasnt a nice person.

    So basically all I need is your guys help .. I need to know what do to. I would like to contact his ISP and have them terminate is Internet .. but is this serious enough to do this?

    I just dont want him to get away with this and be able to do it again and again. Please help and tell me what I should do. Thankyou

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