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  • Moving to a Dedicated Need Help

    Well we are finally moving to a dedicated server. I have been reading

    But I have a couple of questions.

    1. We want to pre install everything before we change the nameservers so that our users will see minimum downtime. How will this affect vbull? Being thast we want to install the product before th4e domain address is switched.

    2. Am I correct in my understanding that we will need to install vbull on the new server then migrate the mysqldump?

    3. We are currently running 2.2.7 is it ok for us to upgrade to 2.2.8 and how if any will that affect the dump?


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    1. Put a redirect on your old forum to the new server so people will go to the correct place until the DNS propagates.

    2. Yes, you'll need to dump the old datanase, transfer it to the new sever then restore it there.

    3. It would probably be easier to upgrade to 2.2.8 after the move and after you've restored the database and ensured that everything is working correctly.
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