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  • Still Waiting

    I'm still waiting to hear how long an installation, by the Vbulletin crew, should be taking on my site. The Domain is
    This started back on Oct. 11th, but, I'm still siteless.
    Any idea?
    Kirk Kief

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    We have received your ticket. You should receive a reply soon from Martin. Sorry for the long wait.


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      Okay, I'm a patient man. But, I did originally purchase the software, installation, XMB Import, etc., on October 11th. I have received messages from Martin about my installation and some of his Virus problems. I understand all of that. I also, just last week, upgraded my license to an owned license, even though I still have not been able to use the software, as yet.
      The last message I received was the one that preceeds this message in this thread. We are only about a week from celebrating a full month of my purchase. Any ideas how much longer this is going to be? Plus, at this point, whoever does the installation, I will need to give them a new back up of my XMB data.
      Kirk Kief