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    Does anyone know how to create a vBcode tag for marquees which is FULLY FUNCTIONAL? Ie. not just [marquee]blah[/marquee] but you can set behavior, scrollamount, direction, scrolldelay, loop...I know it's somehow possible from adding the code in the adminCP, something to do with the {option} tag but I can't seem to figure out how to do it...

    In effect I want to be able to do say [marquee behavior=alternate scrollamount=30]text here[marquee] and it is functional

    Thanks to anyone who figures this out!

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    Is this impossible?


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      Depends... How many parameters does it need? If it needs more than 2 you will have to hack the code and add it in. Check at I believe a modification was posted to allow this about a year to eighteen months ago. Don't know why but I guess it could be useful in very rare circumstances.
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        something like this might work

        PHP Code:
             $bbcode=eregi_replace("\\[marquee setting=\"([^\\[,]*),[^\\[]*\"\\]","[marquee=\\1]",$bbcode);

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          Where do I put that code merjawy?


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