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Bug in sending out email from edit profile page

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  • Bug in sending out email from edit profile page

    This bug has been "bugging" me for a long time..I've seen it happen but couldn't figure out why and finally got member.php, shouldn't line 522 be

    PHP Code:
      if ($verifyemail and $email!=$bbuserinfo['email'] and  ($bbuserinfo['usergroupid']==or $bbuserinfo['usergroupid']==3) ) { 
    instead of
    PHP Code:
      if ($verifyemail and $email!=$bbuserinfo['email'] and $bbuserinfo['usergroupid']==or $bbuserinfo['usergroupid']==3) { 
    as it is now? (note the parenthesis around the OR section)

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    I put the parenthesis in CVS when I noticed the potential problem when you first posted that line of code here. That being said, I tested the logic asis, and with my version of PHP, the intended logic worked as is, though the parenthesis really should be there.


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      Good catch! Even though I was dealing with that code, I didn't catch the problem till today. I'm sure I was getting some errors with the code as is...though my system is now running modded so I can't test it...the case where I'm expecting a problem is when you log in as a new haven't verified your email yet (ie you are in usergroup 3)...and then you edit your profile without changing your email address, you will be sent a second verification...

      My problem got worse w/o parenthesis because I wound up adding another usergroup to that line w/o it...boy did I rack my brain till I figured out what was messing things up (but my situation is more complicated because I'm doing other stuff too)