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  • Floris
    • Load your browser,
    • Goto your forum,
    • Behind the forum/ dir (or whatever you called it during installation) add admin/ and press enter,
    • Login as an administrator,
    • From the left menu, click on vBulletin Options,
    • From the right submenu, click on 'Banning Options',
    • Enter the IP there.
    • Save the new settings.


    [read this:]
    IPs to ban:
    IP Number Ban Lists: You may ban any IP numbers from registering and posting. Type in the complete IP number (as in, or use a partial IP number (as in 243.21.31). The BB will do matches from the beginning of each IP number that you enter. Thus, If you enter a partial IP of 243.21.31, someone attempting to register who has an IP number of will not be able to register. Similarly, if you have an IP ban on 243.21, someone registering who has an IP of will not be able to register. Thus, be careful when you add IPs to your ban list and be as specific as possible. As with the email ban list, put a space between each IP number. The IP Ban prevents anyone with matching IP number from registering and posting.
    [/read this]

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  • ConMeoCon
    started a topic hi all

    hi all

    How can I ban an ip and prevent him to go to my forum?
    my forum version is 2.2.6
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