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variety of problems (wits end)

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  • variety of problems (wits end)

    Good afternoon,

    I've recently installed V2.2.8, and am having a variety of somewhat bizarre problems. A *lot* of things work, but, a great many also "don't" work. From a netscape client, I get things like the "Document contains no data" message, or from IE5.5, I get the never defining anything message "The page cannot be displayed - server may be experiencing difficulties...blahblah". I'm not sure where to even look to find an explanation, as I can only find one entry out here on the boards that resemble this sort of issue and that was one with the title of "members.php won't run".
    I think that one was posted in the pre-beta 4.1 forum - and, I have the identical problem discribed there.

    Here are some symptoms:

    Logged in as Admin, if I go to the users panel, and click on Add, Modify, PM Statistics or IP addresses, I get the messages mentioned above.

    If I go to the main page of the board, and click on Calendar or Members (and then click on a member) I get the same message. A click on Search on the main page also blows out.

    I don't know what to do to try and trace the error/problem. I've actually done a clean install of vBulletin, and still get the exact same result.

    one final issue: During the initial setup, I used *MY* client and logged in as an administrator. That worked. And now, alas, when I go to the forum, I am *ALWAYS* and administrator, logged in as Admin, and I have yet to successfully get myself unhooked so that I can register as a general user.....hints?

    Thanks and have a good evening

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    For your Netscape problem, people usually get this error when Netscape's Cache becomes corrupted. Try clearing out your cache.

    Edit --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Cache

    As for your second problem, try clearing your cookies.


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      it's not a caching issue on the clients...I've tried a variety of things including clearing the cache and dumping all luck.