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  • Question I cant find the answer to

    I want to add or modify a line under the user name... Ok lets try to explain this... Each time someone post it shows their user name, location, date registered, post number etc

    Where can I add a line or modify an existing one that would be used when they registered but displayed under someones name...

    I would like to have a field for "kind of car" in profile but displayed under their name like the above example.

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    Admin CP --> User Profile Fields --> Add

    Name the field (i.e. Favorite Car ) and set the options accordingly.

    Next, you need to find out the Field ID number for the field you just created. To find that out, go to Admin CP --> User Profile Fields --> Modify. Next to the field in which you need to know the ID, hold down your 'Shift' key and click 'edit'.

    In the new window that pop ups, the browser should be pointed to something like admin/profilefield.php?s=&action=edit&profilefieldid=5 You should see the Field ID Number.

    Next, go to your postbit template (Admin CP --> Templates --> Modify --> [Expand List] --> Postbit Templates [expand] --> postbit

    Wherever you want that field to appear, add $post[field#] (Replace # with your field ID Number)


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      Works like a charm !

      Thank you so much